Nevenka Stevanović
Nevenka Stevanović

For Nevenka!


Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN - Aleksandar Šapić

raises funds for Nevenka Stevanović (1963).

At the end of 2012, Nevenka was diagnosed with cervical cancer. In February 2013, she underwent surgery at GAK Visegradska in Belgrade, where her organs (uterus, ovaries and groin glands) were removed.Then followed rehabilitation and recovery. Nevenka was feeling well. She had regular check-ups.

At the regular check up in 2020, shocking news followed. Nevenka was said to have metastases on the lungs. She continued with the treatment at the Institute of Oncology of the Clinical Center of Serbia, but she had to stop the treatment because at the end of  chemotherapy, she had an allergic reaction to platinum.

The Republic Fund of Health Insurance does not cover the costs of treatment for such types of allergies, so Nevenka had to continue her treatment at a private clinic in Belgrade. She had 6 chemotherapy treatments, for which family and friends raised money. After the third therapy, the cancer was receding, while after the sixth, part of cancer was progressing. Eventually a thrombus appeared on her lung.

Nevenka has tried all possible  treatments in Serbia. She sent the medical documentation to the Acibadem clinic, where she was told that there was a solution for her illness, so they scheduled a specialist examination and PET scanner of the whole organism on 11 June 2020 to determine the therapy according to her condition.

She needs the funds for treatment abroad, for specialist examinations, medicines, supplements, for travelling and accommodation costs.

Nevenka asks all generous and humane people to help her, as much as anyone can, so that she can start treatment as soon as possible.

Nevenka has no time to lose, let's help her!

May Nevenka defeat the vicious disease! Let's be humane!

Let's help Nevenka!

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