Milica Vračar
Milica Vračar

For Milica!


Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN - Aleksandar Šapić

raises funds for Milica Vračar (2012).

Milica is a pupil of the first grade at elementary school. She loves school from the first day, even in this situation she does not skip classes on the TV. She also loves sports. She swims well, only a couple of months ago she skied on the most demanding ski pistes, she likes skating and attends volleyball training and she plays chess. She wants to compete, but also to enjoy ordinary children's games. She did all as long as she could.

A couple of months ago, occasional strabismus was noticed, but the ophthalmologist encouraged her parents that it was a common occurrence  when children start school and that it was a matter of muscle weakness that would be improved by exercises. As the therapy did not show results, Milica was taken to another ophthalmologist, who diagnosed another ophthalmological problem and recommended surgery, which was a routine. However, in those days, she started complaining about swallowing, and her parents requested a neurological examination and an MRI scan.

They faced a terrible diagnosis - diffuse brainstem glioma - inoperable.

However, the medical advisory board of the Clinical Center of Serbia proposed only radiotherapy, and parents, in contact with other oncology hospitals, received other treatment offers, with a much better prognosis. Chemotherapy has also been proposed as an integral and mandatory part of the treatment protocol for this disease. She was invited for hospital treatment at a clinic abroad, which includes official protocols.

Milica adores her two-year-old sister Maša and her dog Maza. But her greatest virtue is her courage, which she showed from a young age, especially when going to the doctor and dentist. She never, but never, not even now that serious medical treatments have begun, complained a word. Gentle and sensitive, of course she knows how to shed a tear when emotions overwhelm her, she is a child, but that incredible and admirable courage, prudence, perseverance and discipline do not leave her even now when unfortunately the disease has already taken hold and left traces on that beautiful, little girl. That  gives us hope and faith that she will have the will and strength to defeat the disease with our help and the support of all good people, including the best doctors and regain her carefree childhood. In these efforts to triumph well, give your contribution as much as you can. Milica needs funds for travelling costs and continued treatment abroad.

For Milica's life! Let's be humane!

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