How can I become a beneficiary?

How can I become a beneficiary?

The Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN - Aleksandar Šapić aims to help children and adults, residents of the Republic of Serbia who need help in collecting donations for treatment.


It is very simple to become a beneficiary.

It is necessary to send the following documents via email:

  1. Legibly filled in and signed Request for establishing a beneficiary relationship;

        Request for one child

        Request for two children

        Request for adults

  2. Legibly filled in and signed Table of Costs;


  3. Legibly filled in and signed Declaration of Consent for the collection, processing and publication of personal data, photos, audio and video recordings;


        Form for consent to the processing of personal data

  4. Birth certificate for minors;

  5. Marriage certificate for the parents of a minor;

    Consent of the other parent for children from extramarital unions;

        Consent of the other parent

    The consent of the other parent and a copy of the final judgment on divorce, from which it can be seen that the parent who submitted the Request for the establishment of a beneficiary relationship to the Foundation is entrusted with the independent exercise of parental rights;

  6. A valid identity card or passport for an adult Beneficiary and signatory of the Contract;

  7. Discharge list or doctor's report with the stated diagnosis of the disease and the diagnosis code issued by the state health institution from the territory of the Republic of Serbia. In cases where the applicant does not have the specified document issued by the health institution of the Republic of Serbia due to the fact that the disease was diagnosed during his stay abroad or is already undergoing treatment abroad, he must submit a document from a health institution of another country with the diagnosis of the disease and the diagnosis code, translated by a court interpreter into Serbian, on the basis of which it can be determined that it is a sick person;

  8. Notarized authorization for signing the Contract on the establishment of a beneficiary relationship with the Foundation, to a family member who signs the Contract with the Foundation on behalf of the Beneficiary, in cases where an adult sick person or the parents of a minor for whom a humanitarian action is requested are unable for health or other justified reasons to come to the Foundation to sign the Contract;

        Notarized authorization

  9. Photo and text about the beneficiary in electronic format for the purposes of advertising a humanitarian action for the Foundation Beneficiary on the Internet portal and the Foundation's profiles on social networks, all exclusively for the purpose of collecting donations;

        Instructions related to the beneficiary's photo


After checking whether the future beneficiary meets the conditions, the contract is signed, and after the SMS subnumber activation procedure is completed, the action is advertised on the Foundation's website, and from that moment the collection of funds begins.

Below, see the Rulebook on the provision of services to beneficiaries of the Foundation and what documentation is required for each beneficiary category.