This is how we do it!

This is how we do it!

Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN-Aleksandar Šapić was  founded by famous water polo player and president of City Municipality of New Belgrade  Aleksandar Šapić, and its started working in June 2014.
The goal of the foundation is to help individuals in need in the Republic of Serbia.
We operate in an unique manner, because it is the first foundation  in Serbia that provides equal opportunity for everyone. Not only we simplified transfer of  much needed assets  to the beneficiaries but we also allow to the dinators to track the donation and inform them of how much money has been collected so far. 
 For all  previously mentioned activities we opened our web site where all those needing help are given their profile page and personal number for joint SMS charity number 3030.
Money collected for a specific beneficiary is paid directly to the hospital or to the other medical institution that provides a service. Payment is made exclusively after  invoice is received. 
Money cannot be withdrawn by anyone, either the beneficiary or the parents of the children beneficiaries or any other natural person.
Each beneficiary has personal profile with RSD and foreign currency account, personal SMS number so all the funds received there are fully used for their treatment without any commision. 
Every day it is published  on our website how much money was collected for each beneficiary.

It is very easy to become our beneficiary.
It is necessary to fill in request and bring the necessary documentation. After verifying that the future beneficiary fulfils the conditions, the contract is signed, and from that point on, the collection of funds begins.

There are several ways to donate:

  • By sending a text message to charity number 3030:
    • You can send a text message with an appropriate number for the specific beneficiary to the charity number 3030. The message value is 200 RSD.
  • Donating directly to the beneficiary’s local currency account (RSD):
    • Each beneficiary has its own special RSD account available for the donations.
  • Donating directly to the beneficiary's  foreign currency account:
    • Each beneficiary has its own special foreign currency account available for the donations.
  • Online payments:
    • You can also donate online with payment cards  through  "E-commerce " service of Intesa Bank. "Maestro ",  "Visa " and  "Mastercard " are accepted for such payments.
    • From July 1, 2019, we accept donations through PAYPAL accounts.

All the mobile network operators, Yettel, А1 and MTS do not take any commision for their service, and all the accounts both  in RSD and  foreign currency  are opened in  Intesa bank.
The Foundation address is Bulevar Milutina Milankovica 120d, phone numbers 011 / 63 55 760 (direct line from 11am to 13pm) and 011 / 412 30 30, and working hours are from 8 a.m  to 16 p.m.