About Us

About Us

I can freely say that this foundation is unique in Serbia. First of all, because it gives equal opportunities to all those in need and on the other hand gives a guarantee to the donors that their help will reach those for whom it is intended.

Equal attention is paid to everyone in the Foundation, we do not measure others' pain and problems, but we give to everyone, on our website www.budihuman.rs , an opportunity to decide to whom they will help.

Due to some irregularities that our society faced in the past, when it came to the humanitarian actions and donations, we also designed our web site to show daily how much money has been paid and how much is still needed. The beneficiaries do not have any contact with the money at any time, and raised funds from the special sub-account of the beneficiary are directly paid to the specified medical institutions as service providers. All the beneficiaries’ accounts are owned by the Foundation.

I would like to thank to all those who in any way contributed to the Foundation to start working. I invite all media, media companies, especially those with internet portals, to share part of their space and put the banner of the Foundation and help more people get involved in collecting help.

Aleksandar Šapić,

founder of the Humanitarian Foundation "Budi Human - Aleksandar Šapić";

June 2014.