Vladimir i Aleksandar Stefanović
Vladimir i Aleksandar Stefanović

For Vladimir and Alexander!


Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN - Aleksandar Šapić

raises funds for Vladimir (2015) and  Aleksandar (2019) Stefanović.

Vladimir is 5 years old and  Aleksandar is 2 years old. Relentless genetics decided that out of three sons, two have a congenital deformity of both feet. Dg. Q660 Talipes quinovarus (congenital  and most severe foot deformity). Immediately after birth, they were separated from their mother, then they were returned in plaster casts from the hips to the toes.

Their early childhood was full of crying, swelling of the legs, falling plaster casts, nausea, carrying around , feeding, changing clothes, sleeping and bathing. After the first four months in plaster casts, they switched to orthoses. Then followed unpleasant, painful, daily exercises and crying again because the orthoses were uncomfortable, they were not able to turn around in them, their mobility was reduced.

Just when everyone hoped that everything was fine and that the feet were healed, they deformed again and returned to the shape of a curve, they walked again on the outside of the foot and complained of pain. Then started another round of plaster casts, orthoses and physical therapy.

Daily therapies, exercises, stretching, irregular walking, deformity in the hips, shoulders, spine, were all a consequence of foot deformities. More than 5 years have passed in the search for a solution to help them, but the prognosis is bad, the results of treatment are poor so far.

Their last hope is a clinic in Austria, where they have scheduled preoperative examinations. Their parents have financed the treatment so far  and spent all the resources, so they are asking  all humane people to help them get the needed money for Vladimir’s and Aleksandar’s treatment abroad.

They need funds for operations, rehabilitation, specialist examinations, orthopedic aids and for travelling and accommodation costs

May Vladimir and Aleksandar run freely with their brother!

For Vladimir's and Alexander's steps! Let's be humane!

Let's help Vladimir and Aleksandar!

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