Danica Janjić
Danica Janjić

For Danica!


Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN - Aleksandar Šapić

raises funds for Danica Janjić (2004)

Danica was born on 4 November 2004. Until the age of twelve, she was a completely normal child, who enjoyed playing with her peers. In 2016, everything fell apart. Danica was diagnosed with a spinal cord tumor and her entire life changed.

She had an operation at the Clinical Center in Belgrade. Fortunately, the pathohistological finding showed that the removed tumor was benign and that a few months after the operation, she was supposed to go to Banja Koviljaca spa for rehabilitation, where she would stand on her feet and walk.

Everything indicated a recovery that was going in the right direction, however, in the middle of 2017, the situation worsened and Danica was forced to use a wheelchair and she needed constant care.Then followed numerous rehabilitations in Banja Koviljača, Selters and many other spa centers. She was also treated at the Dr. Miroslav Zotović Rehabilitation Clinic in Belgrade.

In this difficult situation, Danica proved to be an extremely strong and persistent girl who does not take a smile off her face and struggles bravely every day. She exercised hard every day to get back on her feet.

Neurosurgeon who monitors Danica's health on the basis of magnetic resonance imaging, claimed that positive moves were visible and that brought hope. The next step that needs to be done is to solve the problem that Danica has with the consequent scoliosis of the spine, which makes her additional problems in posture and makes it difficult for the cerebrospinal fluid to flow inside the spinal canal.

Danica needs funds for treatment, surgical procedures, specialist examinations, rehabilitation with neurorobotics, medical equipment, for travelling and accommodation costs.

Let's help this girl to make a step again and achieve the greatest victory in her life!

Let Danica walk again! Let's be humane!

Let's help Danica!

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