Katarina Arsić
Katarina Arsić

For Katarina!


Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN - Aleksandar Šapić

raises funds for Katarina Arsić (2000).

Katarina was born on 10 October 2000 in Kruševac. She was born without a left leg. At the age of nine months, she got a prosthesis that enabled her to make her first steps. With the help of the first prosthesis, she became independent, she learned to stand and maintain balance, to walk and play with friends. It was a big step forward.

As Katarina grew and became more active, the prostheses she wore until then were not enough to follow her in all children's activities, so she needed a knee. It was a step towards improving the quality of her life. She got her knee at the age of three and quickly adapted to it, she played independently in kindergarten, she went to primary school, later to high school, participated in workshops, and in 2019 she enrolled at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nis.

That knee, although it gives her independence, has many shortcomings. As a student, she is often on the move. In everyday activities such as going to college, to the store or during long walks, she quickly gets tired because she needs a lot of strength to bend her knee properly and thus walk properly. Improper walking puts a lot of pressure on a healthy leg and leads to   spine deformity, which can leave permanent consequences. She also does not have complete control over the knee, so if she stumbles, she is not able to prevent a fall. Due to the lack of control, walking uphill, downhill and certain terrains where it is difficult or completely impossible for her to walk. The staircase is a difficult obstacle to overcome. The time of snow and ice is coming, which makes these things even harder for people who use prostheses.

Katarina recently had the opportunity to test a prosthesis with a C-Leg 4 microprocessor knee, which can greatly help her lead a life without fatigue and safety, but also enable her to do things she has not been able to do before. It is a German manufacturer's knee that provides safer walking on flat and uneven surfaces, balance when walking backwards and standing, and also requires less power when walking because the sensor system adjusts the walk to real time.

Katarina's family can not afford this prosthesis with this knee, so they ask all humane and generous people to help her so that she can walk easier and steadier.

Katarina needs funds for specialist examinations, orthopedic aids, rehabilitation, as well as for travelling and accommodation costs.

For Katarina's steadier step! Let's be humane!

Let's help Katarina!

Latest payments

SMS MTS 04/2024
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400,00 RSD
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1.000,00 RSD
SMS MTS 03/2024
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200,00 RSD
SMS YETTEL 03/2024
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200,00 RSD
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6.000,00 RSD
SMS MTS 01/2024
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200,00 RSD
SMS YETTEL 01/2024
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600,00 RSD
SMS MTS 12/2023
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800,00 RSD
SMS MTS 11/2023
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1.200,00 RSD
SMS YETTEL 12/2023
For Beneficiary1160
600,00 RSD


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