Sergej Bjelobaba
Sergej Bjelobaba

For Sergej!


Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN - Aleksandar Šapić

raises funds for Sergej Bjelobaba (2016)

Sergej was born after the first maintained pregnancy complicated by gestational diabetes and urinary infection. After birth, he had no sucking reflex, and in the second month, he was diagnosed with Dystonia syndrome - a tone disorder as a result of brain trauma. After specialist examinations and analyses, Sergej was diagnosed with slow psychomotor development, a deviation mainly in the development of speech and language, and hypotonia, and molecular karyotyping revealed a microdeletion of the second arm of chromosome 22, of unknown clinical significance, so the parents' blood was also sampled for a more precise characterization of the detected change .

Since birth, he has been under multidisciplinary follow-up by a physiatrist, defectologist, psychologist, and neuropediatrician. According to the parents, there is a progress in psychomotor development, but it is not enough, so it is necessary to intensively continue with therapies and treatments, which they have mostly financed alone and exhausted their funds, and for that reason, they are asking all generous people to help with their donations, to enable Sregej to continue his further treatment and progress in psychomotor development and development in general.

He needs funds for stem cell treatments, speech therapy, occupational therapy, ABA therapy, neurofeedback therapy, physical therapy and electrostimulation therapy of the orofacial region.

For Sergej's progress! Let's be humane!

Let's help Sergej!

Latest payments

SMS A1 06/2024
For Beneficiary1516
400,00 RSD
SMS YETTEL 05/2024
For Beneficiary1516
1.000,00 RSD
SMS MTS 04/2024
For Beneficiary1516
1.400,00 RSD
SMS A1 05/2024
For Beneficiary1516
800,00 RSD
For Beneficiary1516
4.000,00 RSD
SMS YETTEL 04/2024
For Beneficiary1516
600,00 RSD
SMS MTS 03/2024
For Beneficiary1516
2.600,00 RSD
SMS A1 04/2024
For Beneficiary1516
200,00 RSD
SMS YETTEL 03/2024
For Beneficiary1516
800,00 RSD
SMS MTS 02/2024
For Beneficiary1516
2.200,00 RSD


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