Dimitrije Vrbanić
Dimitrije Vrbanić

For Dimitrije!


Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN - Aleksandar Šapić

raises funds for Dimitrije Vrbanić (2011).

Dimitrije was born on May 2, 2011. Until two years ago he was a completely healthy boy, cheerful and lively. He liked to play football.

His life suddenly changed on July 31, 2016  when he was diagnosed with Transverse myelitis - inflammation of the spinal cord. Everything started as a common respiratory infection, but in just two days, Dimitrije ended up in an intensive care and fought for life. Transverse myelitis is a very rare disease that  has affected his whole spine, and has led to the abnormalities of the lower extremities. Since then, he is in a wheelchair.

His recovery is very slow. His right leg partly recovered after enormous effort was put in daily and strenuous exercises and with the help of electrostimulation. Unfortunately, his left leg is still weak.

Due to weaker immune system he does not go to birthdays, to cinema and theater. He misses his friends from the kindergarten and the park with whom he used to run, play football and hide and seek. But in spite of everything, Dimitrije is a cheerful boy. He is a fighter who believes, like everyone else around him, that one day he will again run, play football and ride a trotinet ...

Dimitrije is 7 years old now. The moment that every parent eagerly and joyfully expects is very difficult for his family because Dimitrije is not able to attend classes regularly because of the physical therapy, the medicines he takes, and because of his weaker immune system. That is why he will have to be educated from home. However, he is a smart child who understands why he can not go to school with his friends, but he believes that he will soon join them too.

In order to accelerate his recovery, he needs therapies and modern devices for strengthening and stimulating muscles. Unfortunately most of these devices and treatments can not be find  in Serbia. For that reason they have contacted clinics and hospitals abroad that can help him. However, the costs exceed income of his parents. Therefore, we ask all kind hearted people to show their humanity and donate so that Dimitrije can stand on his feet again.

Let's all together help Dimitrije to continue with the happy childhood, where one day it was  stopped by this rare disease. Let’s be humane! Help Dimitrije and his youth to win in this fight for healing!

Let's help Dimitrije!

For Dimitrije to stand on his feet again! Let's be humane!

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