Filip Rikić
Filip Rikić

For Filip!


Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN - Aleksandar Šapić

raises funds for Filip Rikić (2013).

Filip was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma who, grade IV,  a malignant brain tumor with a large number of metastases in his head and spine.

Filip was born in 2013. Pregnancy was neat, natural, without any medication during the pregnancy and he was born in a term. Upon leaving the hospital, everything was fine, a period of joyful growth followed.

Filip first complained of headache on April 4, 2018. Until then he was completely healthy without any problems. After examination of pediatricians in the Health Center and UCH Tiršov, the results were good, and doctors considered that headache was the result of a viral infection. They advised to wait several weeks, and if the headache continues to perform examinations of otorhinolaryngologist, ophthalmologists and neurologists.

Headaches were initially short, occurring once a day, and when they passed, he continued most normally with all the activities. However, from day to day they were getting stronger.

They decided to do private examinations that were recommended by doctors and all the results were good. When EEG had been performed, slight slowdowns were visible, but as he was not completely calm during the examinations, and his motor skills were good, they thought they would wait with the magnetic resonance, but on the request of his parents, the same was scheduled immediately.

The magnetic resonance results were very bad and immediately he was sent to the Neurosurgery clinic. They arrived there on April 13, and the next day Filip had the first intervention-installation of the shunt due to the high pressure in his head. This intervention went well,  so the major surgery was performed on April 23,when a large tumor was removed. Just two days after that, the system stopped working, the shunt was clogged and revision was made  that day. After that, Filip stopped speaking, one side of his face stiffened,he  stopped to swallow and  his left hand was completely paralysed (the right one he could  move slightly). The situation deteriorated considerably, since then he has been fed on the probe and no improvements have been made so far. He has severe pains, he is twitching and is very upset. He understands everything and reacts to the speech and voices. He was transferred to oncology department so that they could try chemotherapy as the only option, although it was necessary to take more time for it after the surgery.

The doctor's prognosis wes very bad, they are not comforting or acceptable to his parents. The only hope is a continuation of treatment abroad. Therefore, the parents have to rely on the good will and humanity of other people to help this diagnosis become a past for their little boy.

Filip is an only child, without any brothers and sisters. He goes to kindergarten, from the third year he attended  English lessons, and from October to swimming too. He's intelligent and very lively child, with a lot of energy and contagious laughter. He loves to build with Lego bricks, and he is the happiest when playing outside and spending time with his cousin.

For Filip to defeat this wicked disease! Let's be humane!

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