Nina Perić
Nina Perić

For Nina!


Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN - Aleksandar Šapić

raises funds for Nina Perić (2012).

Nina was immediately transferred to the University Children’s Hospital Tiršova (UCH Tiršova) . After detailed examination she was diagnosed with Arthrogryposis and severe muscle hypotonia, and later it was found out that her right hip had been dislocated too. After a month from her birth, Nina's condition worsened and she was transferred from neonatology to the intensive care unit, where she was attached to the respirator due to her inability to breathe on her own. After six weeks, her condition improved and she was transferred to the pulmonology department, and then the treatment continued at the department for physiotherapy.

She spent her first two and a half years in the UCH Tiršova and after that she had a series of therapies at the Slovakian  Rehabilitation Center in Renona and at the IST Center in Belgrade. Thanks to all these therapies, she can sit alone, use her hands, eat alone, draw, wash her face and other similar simple actions. She is intelligent, with a mild delay in development.

Nina is a happy child, full of love as her teachers say, that goes to the kindergarten and rejoice in socializing with her friends. She is aware that she is not able to do everything her peers can, but she has a strong desire to join them in a walk without a wheelchair that she still uses.

A year ago, Nina was examined by Dr. Popkov and accepted that her hip and both feet should be operated, which is necessary for Nina to get a chance to walk, and then continue with the therapy planned at the IST Center in Belgrade. Her mother is not able to provide enough money for the  surgery and further treatment so she is forced to ask for help from humane people who are willing to help Nina on her way to start walking.

Let's help Nina! 

For Nina's first step! Let's be humane!


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