Kristina Gajić
Kristina Gajić

For Kristina!


Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN - Aleksandar Šapić

raises funds for Kristina Gajić (2001).

Kristina was born as a healthy child. She is the second child in the family and soon after she got another brother. So they grew simply, happily and carefree.

However, at the age of seven, doubts were raised that something was wrong with Kristina, and eventually she was diagnosed when she was eight. The diagnosis was: rare genetic progressive disease, Friedreich's ataxia. Nothing was the same again.

Time is not on her side, at first, she was losing the ability to walk. Since 2012, Kristina has been moving with a support. Disease was progressing slowly, it seemed like there was enough time but in fact the disease was just stopped for a while not forever.

Family put aside depression, grief and all negative feelings and together with Kristina continued struggle with smiles on their faces, but the disease took its toll and two years later,  Kristina was in the wheelchair. However their smile, faith and hope were not lost.

Spa treatment and physical therapy were the only medicines that Kristina took. The disease was progressing, and the family was getting more helpless.

Finally, a positive attitude returned, they could not just wait and let the disease progress. Kristina’s sister was born in 2015, and then the stem cells were obtained. The only dilemma was in which clinic the stem cell treatment should be done.

The first treatment, with the help of kind-hearted people, was successfully completed.

Kristina turned into someone else at that time. Such desire, will, discipline, hope and happiness, were rarely seen just like her disease. After so much time, she learnt to stand again and made her first steps with support. There is visible improvement, and most importantly - that in cardiovascular system.

Kristina's family is modest, they do not expect the stem cells to be a magical, but it's important for them to have hope.

She is a regular student, despite all the difficulties, she finished the third grade of high school very well. The desire and goal are her independence,  she does want to  depend on other people completely. She is continuing the struggle with faith and hope and results that are vital.

Let’s provide Kristina with stem cell treatments and  rehabilitation in spa centers.

For Kristina's independent future! Let's be humane!

Let's help Kristina!

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