Bojan Dragojević
Bojan Dragojević

For Bojan!


Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN - Aleksandar Šapić

raises funds for Bojan Dragojević (1981).

In February 2020, Bojan felt pain in the abdomen and nausea, immediately after that, the color of his skin changed to yellow-gray and his sclerae became yellow too. He suddenly felt sick so he did a blood test and went to the Emergency Center, where they repeated the analysis, and due to the alarming values ​​of bilirubin and ALT, he was immediately hospitalized in the surgical department of the Emergency Center.

After the examination, in February 2020, he was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma ampullae Vateri - a tumor of the pancreas. Degree of histological malignancy G2; Stage of disease IIIA; Residual status: the first category. He had seven hours long surgery when doctors  removed the head of the pancreas, part of the lymph nodes, bile ducts and part of the stomach.

According to the doctor, the operation and immediate recovery went well, so Bojan is not feeling any discomfort at the moment and can live his life normally. The operation literally saved his life, considering that due to the poor results of the blood picture, he was in imminent danger of coma and death.

All previous surgical treatments took place at the surgical department of the Emergency Center in Belgrade and after that, the medical advisory board from the Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia in Belgrade, prescribed him a therapy.

The proposed therapy is not possible to administer to him in a public health care institution so   Bojan is currently being treated at a private oncology clinic in Belgrade.

Considering that the prognosis is such that there is a high probability that metastases will appear, and that Bojan is currently well and there are no visible traces of tumors, he urgently needs additional therapy with innovative drugs, which are being developed in Germany and France. He is currently in talks with several clinics. As the first cycle of chemotherapy ends in August 2020, Bojan plans to select an appropriate clinic by then, together with our doctors, and start, if financially possible, treatment as early as September 2020.

Before he was being diagnosed, Bojan worked as a communal police officer in Belgrade. He loves sports, and he has been interested in sport all his life: He is a great fan of traveling and touring places with a rich history and remarkable nature. He has a group of exceptional friends, with whom he spent time in education and socializing. They are now his greatest support, and they are all in the team for his recovery.

Bojana needs money for the costs of applying innovative therapy abroad, to cover the costs of travel and accommodation, to continue treatment and therapy, for medicines, laboratory analyzes and further diagnostics.

May Bojan defeat the vicious disease! Let's be humane!

Let's help Bojan!

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