Željana Ristić
Željana Ristić

For Željana!


Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN - Aleksandar Šapić

raises funds for Željana Ristić (2001).

Željana was born as a healthy and mobile child. In 2004, when she was three years old, she suffered severe bodily injuries, a fracture of the thoracic (Th1) and cervical (C5 and C6) part of the spine with spinal canal compression in a serious car accident. All this left considerable consequences on her physical condition - deprivation of the lower extremities and hands, disorder of the urinary tract and emptying of the colon.

She was operated on several times at the Clinical Center Banja Luka and at Banjica in Belgrade. The growth led to scoliosis of the spine and curvature of the spinal column. All these years, she has been diligently practicing and fighting to improve her quality of life and become independent in self-care. She finished primary and secondary school and plans to continue her education.

Due to the rehabilitation, which gives good results, Željana  moved to Novi Sad, where she practices every day with a good team of therapists in a private clinic. She managed to verticalize herself, with the help of orthoses and a therapist in the uneven parallel bars, and she makes transfers on her own, dresses, maintains personal hygiene, writes, and manages wheelchairs on her own.

Three stem cell treatments were performed, which significantly improved Željana's neurological condition and sense of sensibility. Further rehabilitation plans include additional stem cell treatments, neurorehabilitation, neurorobotics and the purchase of orthopedic aids.

All these years, Željana's family has been fighting like a lion to financially cover all the costs of the treatment so far, but over time, the resources have been used up. For that reason, she asks generous people for financial help so that one day she will step in and join her peers in making  their dreams come true. She loves to sing and dance and believes that she will surely put on her dancing shoes one day and start dancing.

For Željana's victorious step! Let's be humane!

Let's help Željana!

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