Milica Tupanjac
Milica Tupanjac

For Milica!


Humanitarian Foundation ”BUDI HUMAN - Aleksandar Šapić”

is raising funds for Milica Tupanjac (born 2016).

Milica was born six weeks premature – complications at birth led to a loss of oxygen and she required resuscitation, while suffering third-degree cerebral hemorrhaging.

Immediately after birth, Milica was transferred to intensive care, where she spent 35 days: only after that did she begin to breathe on her own. In her early months, Milica had difficulty with feeding, motor developmental delay, and vision problems. After her first birthday, results of a brain MRI showed extensive and permanent damage, imperiling her entire development.

Soon after her first birthday, Milica was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The prognosis was uncertain. “IF she ever walks again” – a comment that would leave any parent devastated.

This was just the beginning of a daily struggle – exercise, physical therapy and brain stimulation all aimed at improving, at least partly, her condition. Although Milica shows enormous verbal potential – she loves to talk and make rhymes – her motor development is very slow. She turned 4 without being able to stand on her own, and she still struggles to crawl properly.

Despite all her difficulties, Milica is a cheerful and witty four-year-old girl. She is great at telling stories and entertains her parents, friends, and therapists with her jokes. She loves books best and is becoming more and more interested in communicating with her fellow kindergarteners.

Milica’s only chance to walk is through a surgery – SDR (rhizotomy) – that is aimed at removing spasms in the lower body. Milica’s family applied for this surgery – and orthopedic surgery – with the Children's Hospital in St. Louis, which approved it, stating that Milica was a good candidate for the surgery, which would allow her to achieve the best possible outcome and to walk using a walker. The surgeries are scheduled for November 2021. The family will be expected to pay the hospital its fees (120,000 euros) by September 2021. Until then, Milica needs intensive physical therapies to strengthen her muscles to prepare for the surgeries and subsequent recovery and rehabilitation.

Milica also needs funds for medical and orthopedic aids, control and specialist examinations, as well as strabismus surgery.

The costs of all of the above operations, therapies and rehabilitation far exceed the income of Milica’s family. This is why we are reaching out for your help. We thank you wholeheartedly in advance for helping Milica fight to take her first steps.

Together we can get Milica on her feet!

Let's show our heart!

Let's help Milica!

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