Lena i Kosta Ćeferjanović
Lena i Kosta Ćeferjanović

For Lena i Kosta!


Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN - Aleksandar Šapić

raises funds for Lena i Kosta Ćeferjanović (2019).

Lena and Kosta are premature babies, born in the 6th month of pregnancy. Lena weighed only 700 grams, and Kosta 890. Immediately after birth, they were reanimated and transferred to the intensive care unit, where prognosis was a slim chance of survival. The struggle lasted for four months and they both survived. As a result of premature birth, they both had third-degree cerebral hemorrhage.

Lena suffered more trauma, her brain was exposed to enormous pressure so great damage remained. She was also diagnosed with Hydrocephalus. When she sufficiently gained weight, she had a surgery and a VP SHUNT was implanted. After that, there was a delay in the eye development and she was operated on in order to preserve the eyesight. She was diagnosed with strabismus and nystagmus. Today, after a lot of work, Lena's eyesight has improved a bit, she can follow with her eyes but she still doesn't sit, crawl or stand.

Kosta's condition was more severe. On the 17th day after birth, he had a bowel perforation, got  sepsis and had an emergency surgery. He had an ileostomy, which was successfully closed. His heart was operatively closed, and he also had eye surgery. Three months after his discharge from the Institute of Neonatology, he was diagnosed with progressive ventriculomegaly and developed hydrocephalus, for that reason  he had a shunt implanted too. Since then he has had four more neurosurgical interventions on his brain. Because of the clogging of the shunt and the infection Kosta got sepsis and barely survived. He is also being treated for hypothyroidism.

Both Lena and Kosta are visibly behind their peers and they need continuous physical therapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, tactile and sensory stimulation and spa treatment. In addition, they need treatments with a speech therapist, speech pathologist, somatopedist, psychologist and child psychiatrist; specialist and control examinations, supplements, medical consumables and medical supplies. They are about to undergo surgical interventions by ophthalmologists, neurosurgeons and orthopedists.  All these treatments and care require a lot of financial resources.

For Lena and Kosta’s better future!

Let's help Lena and Kosta!

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