Jana Pavlović
Jana Pavlović

For Jana!


Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN - Aleksandar Šapić


raises funds for Jana Pavlović (2018).


Jana was born with a huge tumor located in the spine, abdomen and right gluteus. She was born with 2750 grams, and the tumor itself weighed about 450 grams. Jana was transferred to the University Children's Hospital in Tiršova when she was only ten days old.


The first operation lasted eight hours and after that, Jana was alone at the clinic for almost two months. The pathological finding showed that it was a benign tumor. Jana was also found to be unable to urinate on her own, her mother placed a catheter every three hours, and her right leg and right foot were less developed than her left.


Magnetic resonance imaging was performed after the operation and a change in the spine was noticed again. Another operation was scheduled for January 2019 but it was cancelled, because Jana got urosepsis. Thanks to the quick reaction of the doctors on duty, they managed to save Jana, and the operation was postponed to April 2019, when it was done.


The pathological finding showed that it was adipose tissue, not a tumor like the first time. In addition to the existing problems, it was found out that she had a fifth-degree return of urine to her kidneys and that her mother had to give her an enema occasionally, and sometimes every day, because sometimes she did not empty her bowel by herself. In addition to the above-mentioned interventions, Jana had another in July 2020, after which she wore a cast for six weeks. She was prescribed daily physical therapy and electrical stimulation and also she had to wear orthoses at night and special shoes for the right foot.


Even now, Jana uses antibiotics and probiotics every day, due to catheterization, and she still cannot walk on her own. It was suggested to inject her deflux gel, and then surgery - reimplantation of the ureter to avoid kidney damage.


She needs rehabilitation, physical therapy, electrical stimulation, operations, specialist examinations and check-ups, laboratory analyzes, supplements, medications and medical supplies.


Let's make Jana's path to recovery easier! Let's be humane!


Let's help Jana!


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