Marta Pavlović
Marta Pavlović

For Marta!


Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN - Aleksandar Šapić

raises funds for Marta Pavlović (2014).

Marta is a child from the first orderly and properly controlled pregnancy, she was born prematurely, in the twenty-seventh week of pregnancy. She weighed only a thousand grams and was thirty-six centimeters long.

Immediately after her birth, she was transferred to the Institute of Neonatology in Belgrade, where her struggle, without her mother, began.

A few days later, she stopped breathing for a short time, but decided to continue her life stronger and more persistent. Due to the loss of oxygen, she had the second to third degree hemorrhage in the brain, cerebrospinal fluid infection, and numerous cysts on the brain. She had brain ultrasound examinations and many other analyzes. Doctors tried to avoid the installation of a VP shunt, but in the third month after her birth, one VP shunt was installed, and after a long three and a half months, she left the incubator and the hospital and came home.

Later, revisions were made and another shunt was installed.

In addition to hydrocephalus surgery, she had another type of surgery, much more complex, craniostenosis, when she was ten months old.

At the age of one, she started new life victories - she went to the Special Hospital for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Neurology, where she made a lot of progress in psychomotor skills.

At the age of three, she had an epileptic seizure, and then she got  therapy for epilepsy.

In addition to all her diagnoses - hydrocephalus, epilepsy, strabismus and others, Marta is a cheerful and persistent girl, friendly, goes to kindergarten, she has her own teacher and loves her friends. She doesn't see any obstacles in front of her and wants to become independent, so far she is doing well - she can walk while her mother holds her by one hand, she likes to walk up the stairs, she is always in a good mood, she likes to sing and play, she is brave, she uses twenty conscious words and wants to learn more. She goes to a speech therapist, she is on a special diet because of the candida albicans that she has from birth.

She is being treated at the University Children Hospital Tiršova, the Clinic for Child Psychiatry and Neurology Dr Subotić, the Special Hospital for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Neurology and at the Institute for Experimental Phonetics and Speech Pathology.

So far, she has had a lot, not only financial aid, of generous and humane people. All those hospitals are in Belgrade and require additional costs, and her mother is not able to provide funds for Marta's further recovery, so this way she asks all good people to  help Marta recover as soon as possible and make as much progress as possible.

She needs funds for audio-linguistic and physical treatments, neurorehabilitation with robotics abroad, treatment in spas, specialist and control examinations and  for travelling and accommodation costs.

For Marta’s progress! Let's be humane!

Let's help Marta!


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