Milica G. Krstić
Milica G. Krstić

For Milica!


Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN - Aleksandar Šapić


raises funds for Milica G. Krstić (1985).


Milica was diagnosed with deeply infiltrative endometriosis five years ago, a seemingly benign disease, which in her case behaves as malignant.


Namely, due to endometriosis, the function of the right kidney stopped, which was removed in 2017.


Unfortunately, two years later, endometriosis also attacked the left ureter, which resulted in left kidney failure. Gynecologists and urologists attempted surgical treatment, but the galloping course of the disease led to the endangerment of the kidney and the left ureter. She suffers  constant sharp chronic pain.


In order to preserve the function of the only remaining kidney, a JJ probe was installed  as a temporary solution, in order to enable the flow of urine without stagnation and to preserve the function of the kidney. Probe replacement is performed every three months.


Previous experiences and success in the treatment of this disease (the most severe form of endometriosis) in Serbia are extremely small; an examination was proposed by an eminent European expert in this field who confirmed the seriousness of the diagnosis and the need for extensive high-risk surgery in order to solve the problem permanently.


It is recommended that the operation should be performed with a multidisciplinary team of experts at a specialized endometriosis treatment center in Vienna.


For that reason, Milica needs funds for surgery, specialist examinations, medication and for travelling costs too.


For Milica's life without pain! Let's be humane!


Let's help Milica!


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