Andrej Radulović
Andrej Radulović

For Andrej!


Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN - Aleksandar Šapić


raises funds for Andrej Radulović (2004).


When he was a boy, Andrej was actively involved in sports for many years, first karate, then aikido, he rode a bicycle more than he walked.


In the summer of 2018, he went  to the seaside in Montenegro with his family, where on the way back they had a serious car crash after which the battle for Andrej's life began.


After the operation in Podgorica, where severe abdominal injuries were treated, a stoma was performed, a torn ureter was sutured, two thirds of the large intestine was removed and he was flown to Belgrade for urgent spine surgery. After a few days, Andrej had a surgery on his spine at the Atlas Clinic, where the crushed vertebrae were replaced with implants and left a glimmer of hope in the doctor's words: "the spinal cord was not completely severed but it was severely traumatized."


Andrej spent the next 3 months at University Children’s Hospital Tiršova, where he had 4 more surgeries, a lot of infections and life-threatening complications in his stomach and spine. However, with God's help and the help of the wonderful medical staff of UCH Tiršova, he managed to overcome all complications and celebrated his 14th birthday there.


From Tiršova, Andrej went to the hospital Dr. Miroslav Zotović and started with rehabilitation, he mastered the transfer from the bed to the wheelchair and he managed to take a sitting position on his own. He continued his intensive rehabilitation in Niš, which started to give results and he  managed to move his legs in his knees while in the relaxed position he managed also to move his legs while lying on the mat.


Encouraged by these movements, Andrej started with robotics neurorehabilitation . At each check-up, he improved his results, he also managed to make a few steps with a walking support robot and significantly improved the balance.


Andrej remained an athlete even after the accident, he trains and competes in the table tennis club for people with disabilities, but he does not give up on the most important match, the one for his independent step again.


Andrej needs funds for neurorobotics, rehabilitation, medicines, supplements and medical supplies.


Let’s help Andrej come out of this match as a champion.


May Andrej walk again! Let's be Humane!


Let's help Andrej!


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