Sara Nikolić
Sara Nikolić

For Sara!


Humanitarian Foundation BUDI HUMAN - Aleksandar Šapić


raises funds for Sara Nikolić (2018).

Sara was born as a healthy child after a properly maintained first pregnancy. When she was  three months old she had the first epileptic seizure and after a detailed examination, doctors diagnosed her with TSC tuberous sclerosis, which was definitely confirmed by molecular genetic analysis of Sara's blood sample in a laboratory in Spain.


Tuberous sclerosis is a multisystem disease caused by a gene mutation. It is a rare, incurable and extremely unpredictable disease  because each patient is affected differently. It may vary from an almost imperceptible condition to complete dysfunction and severe mental retardation, which can very often be accompanied by benign and malignant tumors on all organs.


Sara's case, unfortunately, is of a more severe form. The findings of her head magnetic resonance imaging  have so far described over 17 tumor changes, changes in the fundus of the right eye and multiple changes in the skin of the trunk, face and head. Sara has frequent check-ups by neurologists, cardiologists, nephrologists, ophthalmologists, physiatrists and pediatricians. She needs various types of stimulation and therapy every day.


Due to the complete uncertainty of the further course of the disease, her family was forced to try treatment abroad. Brain tumor surgery is the only solution for her. It is essential for Sara to be examined at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston for additional sophisticated diagnostic examinations that will determine which surgery would be best for Sarah, and surgery itself.


Sara raises funds for surgery abroad, specialist examinations, rehabilitation, speech therapy, special education, psychological treatments and funds to cover travelling and accommodation costs.


Sara is a cheerful and loving child! Let's help Sara get a chance for a happy childhood!


For Sara's happier childhood! Let's be humane!


Let's help Sara!

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